Create a Playlist

Setup for Each Session – Create a Playlist

Last modified: April 12, 2018

A playlist is useful when you have more than one slide deck and/or more than one document you need to queue up to be shown for a single session. NOTE: A session can have only 1 playlist assigned to it, so ensure that all slides/documents needed for a session are loaded into a single playlist.

  1. Click on Playlists in the menu
  2. Click on “Create Playlist”
  3. Input a title and description for the playlist and select the languages that will be included in the playlist. Then click “Create”
  4. Click “Add Entry”
  5. Enter a title for the entry (i.e. First song). Then press Enter.
  6. Click the entry and click the “Slides” tab to assign slides. Click the “Docs” tab to assign a document. Close when complete.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed.