Deliver Translation

Setup for Each Session – Deliver Translation

  1. Announce to your audience that captions and translation will be available, accessible via the projector screen and/or via the mobile link (depending on how you have chosen to setup at your venue).
  2. Once the event begins, turn on the captioner in so it begins to listen to the microphone audio and begins captioning in real-time.
  3. Monitor the captioner throughout the event to ensure it is performing as expected.
    • Click Line Break to release captions manually, if needed.
    • If the captioner appears to get stuck, turn it off then turn it back on to reset it.
    • Disable the captioner when music is being played or when no one is speaking.
    • Monitor the automatic translation output on the mobile audience view
  4. At the end of the event, turn off the captioner.


Setup for Each Session – Release Prepared Translation

  1. Click on the slides to display them to the audience.
  2. Click on prepared text to release it as a subtitle to your audience. Any prepared translation(s) of the text will also be released at the same time.
  3. Open the menu and click “Archive History” so the displayed content (slides, subtitles) are cleared out from the audience’s view.

You did it!