Quick Start

Here’s how to quickly get started with spf.io without any prepared manuscripts or slides.

Equipment needed:

  • Computer with the Google Chrome browser
  • Microphone audio connected to computer



  1. Create a session, selecting the languages you want to serve, and click save
  2. Open the Interpret view for the session
  3. Ensure the view is set to the channel that will be spoken (see the top of the webpage)
  4. Enable the captioner to test that the microphone audio is connected to the computer. NOTE: You may need to allow access to the microphone.
  5. Enable auto-translate and autopilot (if you do not want to constantly manage captions/translation)
  6. Share the mobile view link (http://yoururl.spf.io/z) with your audience so they can get captions and translation of the event
  7. Monitor the output as the speaker talks into the microphone
  8. Disable the captioner once the event is done
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