How do I display the captions on a projector?

Q: How do I display captions and translations on a projector screen or extra display?

A: To display output (slides, captions, translation, etc.) on a projector screen, complete the following steps:


  1. Set up your computer to be connected to the projector. Ensure your screen display is set to “Extend” mode (learn how to do this on PC or Mac), rather than mirroring the display on the computer to the screen. Then, open up Google Chrome and log into
  2. Find the session for your event and click “Control as Operator” to open the Interpreter view. Image highlighting the "Control as Operator" button
  3. Then click on the Projector icon (the Projector view will open in a new tab) 
  4. Click on the settings icon in the bottom left hand corner 
  5. Select the language(s) you wish to display on the projector. You can assign up to 3 languages on the same screen. If you want to overlay captions over slides, only assign one language.
  6. Click on the Formatting tab and make changes to the display until it is to your liking (i.e. change the font size, background color, etc.).
  7. Drag the Projector view tab into the projector display so it is displayed on the projector screen
  8. Click “Fullscreen” in’s projector controls to make the projector view display fullscreen.
  9. Test run the output of slides/captions, by clicking on the slides/document lines in the Interpreter view. Confirm they are appearing on the projector screen as you expect.
  10. Clear the projector once you are done with the test run. You’re ready to display content on the screen!
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