Faster Multilingual Worship Planning with’s Planning Center Integration

Apr 12, 2018 | Churches, Process, News

Do you use Planning Center? If so,’s latest release is good news for you! Now, you can import plans into and have your worship service translated into many languages with just a few clicks. Keep reading to learn why and how.

If you’ve ever planned a multilingual worship service, you know how complicated it can get.

You might start by asking a volunteer to translate the sermon. But there’s so much more to the service–scriptures, songs, announcements, the entire liturgy! You could switch languages for different sections, but this leaves people out. Simultaneous translation is taxing on volunteers and even then most print and visual materials aren’t translated.

What if you could provide a smooth, fully localized experience? People could see slides and read print materials in their language. They could sing in their language (or at least understand the songs). Meanwhile, a translation of everything said from the pulpit plays in their ear and appears on a screen.’s latest release brings you one step closer to a seamless multilingual worship service by integrating with Planning Center Online.

Simple Multilingual Worship Service Planning

Planning Center Online (PCO) is a popular worship planning tool among US churches. Some of our customers noticed a resemblance between the PCO plans and the playlists. Instead of duplicating the work in both systems, we built an integration so users can import their plans as playlists in!

This integration means localizing your multilingual worship services is simpler than ever before.

By the way, if you don’t use Planning Center,’s built-in playlist feature can still help with preparations. You can also request an integration with the software you use here and we’ll take it into consideration.

What do people say about multilingual worship?

Here are some multilingual worship resources from a variety of traditions:

How to Integrate with Planning Center

Multilingual worship service planning made easy by integrating with Planning Center

How to integrate with Planning Center

Login to your account, go to “Tools” and click on the  “Integrations” tab.

Then click “Configure” in the Planning Center Online section.

Next, click “Login to Planning Center”.

This will redirect you to Planning Center where you will be asked to allow access to your Services. Click “Allow” to enable the integration. If the integration succeeds you should see “Connected to Planning Center” in

Once you’ve connected with Planning Center, you can import your plans and localize the content.


How to import a plan as a playlist

How to import a plan into

Here’s how easy it is (only 3 steps!):

Step 1: Go to Playlists, create a new playlist and select “Import plan from Planning Center Online” in the Create menu.

Step 2: Select the Service Type and Plan Name. Then press “Import”.

Step 3: Voila! Your playlist has an entry for each item in your plan.

Now for each entry, just add the relevant resources (e.g. documents, slides). With Translation on Demand, you don’t even need to translate them up front. Resources will be translated the moment an audience member requests a new language.

Imagine, you’ve put all this work into preparing for worship and now with just a few clicks, you can make it available in more than 60 languages.


Planning for multilingual worship services doesn’t have to be stressful. By integrating with your existing processes and tools, makes it easy to localize your services so you can deliver a seamless multilingual experience. This amplifies the work your team is already doing every week and helps your church fulfill its calling.

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