About Us

About TheoTech LLC

TheoTech LLC was founded in 2015 with the mission to invent world-class technologies that advance the Gospel and bless the world.

We dream of a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel. This means beginning with God as our ultimate customer and working backwards to create the things that He wants to see in the world. We are unapologetically God obsessed and believe this obsession delivers immense value to people.


About spf.io

Spf.io is one of the first products created by TheoTech LLC. The idea was born out of experiencing first-hand just how difficult it is for churches to communicate effectively in two languages every week. Rather than dealing with back and forth translation or wireless headsets for interpretation, we wondered if there was a better way.

Since then, spf.io has evolved into what it is today–a system that makes it simple to deliver translation in many languages, all synchronized with what the speaker is saying.

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