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Display translation for multiple languages simultaneously

It’s easy to add more languages as your audience needs grow.

Control the delivery of translations with the tap of a button

Control the display of slides and multilingual subtitles from a single device.

Deliver slides and captions to mobile devices and projectors

No extra headsets to manage or apps to download.


Automated translation at your fingertips

Whether you’ve prepared a script or just have microphone audio, you can provide captions and translation for your event with spf.io.

Have access to automatic

translation in over


How It Works

1. Upload prepared materials





Prepared Translations

(if you have it)

2. Setup spf.io

Single Control

Setup the computer/mobile device that will control the display of translations and slides.

Connect a microphone

to spf.io for automatic captions and translation


3. Deliver translation & slides


Show up to 3 languages on a single projector.

Mobile Devices

Your audience visits the event URL to receive translation.

Provide subtitles no matter how much (or how little) prepared content you have.

High Preparation

Load your script, slides, and translations into spf.io and you’re all set to provide an amazing translation experience to your audience.

Medium Preparation

Load your manuscript into spf.io before the event and get it auto-translated with the click of a button.

Low Preparation

No manuscript? No worries! Just plug your microphone into a computer running spf.io and start speaking.

Watch a demo video

Ready to try it out?

Get started today to begin creating transformative multilingual experiences.

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