Slide translation made easy

10 second GIF of slide translation

Fast creates an automatic translation of your slides within minutes. All with just a few clicks!


Never have to deal with multiple slide files again. Just have one source file in and manage each language individually.


A bilingual person can review and modify the slides before the event, so you can be sure to provide the best quality experience to your audience.


Share the link with your audience and they can follow along with your presentation in their language on their smartphone.
This software really helps me connect to those students who struggle with English in my lectures, and helps them understand course concepts on a deeper level. Dr. William Mari

Assistant Professor, Northwest University

How it works

(Get the detailed instructions here.)

1. Select the language you want to translate into

2. Assign the slides to your session

3. Share the link with your audience

4. Your audience receives the slides in their language as you click through them

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