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How do you pronounce
It’s pronounced “spiffy-oh” 🙂
Why should I provide translation with

Translation reaches your diverse audience in a way that increases your message’s impact. makes it easier than ever before to provide translation in real-time with what you say. In addition, even audience members who understand your language benefit from because those who have trouble hearing or seeing the projector screen can get your slides and captioning on their mobile devices, in addition to translation.

I don't prepare a script for my talks. Can I still use to provide translation?
Yes, you can! Translation is as simple as plugging in your microphone to a computer with Your audience will receive automated translation on their mobile devices.
How accurate is automated translation?

According to a Sep 2016 research paper from Google, automatic (or machine) translation has improved vastly thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence.

We understand that automatic translation may not be the right solution in all use cases, so we built with flexibility in mind. You can choose which level of translation is right for your event and level of preparation. For example, you can load your own manuscript and get professional translation prior to the event or supply your own translation. Automatic translation is always there if you need it, but you can choose the right option for your event.

How much does automated translation cost?

When you purchase a subscription, you receive an allotted amount of minutes you can use freely to translate into 50+ languages. If you need to use more minutes beyond what you have purchased, you will be billed per minute per language.

Can work offline?

We offer a portable device that can run locally in no-wifi or low-connectivity environments. Contact us to learn more.

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